• Five years of professional writing and interviewing experience.
  • Two years’ work as a university research assistant.
  • One year as features editor at the University of Regina Carillon.
  • Bachelor’s degree in English and Political Science. Currently completing a Master’s degree in Social and Political Thought.
  • Past work in technical, promotional, informative, and web writing.
  • Experience in researching and writing on a broad variety of subjects, including climate science, human interest stories, long-term health care, popular culture, political and social issues, and general news.
  • Strong research skills and careful attention to factual detail.
  • Sharp eye for detail, structure, and presentation.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, QuarkXPress, Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and WordPress. Competent in Adobe Photoshop. Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Familiar with AP and Chicago style guides.
  • Work with various search tools on a variety of academic and professional databases.
  • Accustomed to overseeing the completion of complex writing, editing, and research projects. Able to coordinate with other writers, editors, and photographers.


Feature Essays

First Nations University: the winter of discontent
The 2010 FNUniv funding crisis: student activism, the aboriginal academy, one formerly ousted administrator gains the presidency while another laments what was lost, and FNUniv’s history from 1976 to the Fall of 2005 and onwards.

Saskatchewan budget breakdown: balanced, forward-looking, responsible?
Summary and analysis of the 2010/11 provincial budget: breakdown of revenues and expenditures, commentary on budget priorities, and GFSF skullduggery made easy.

Graffiti: supporting art, fighting vandalism
Perspectives on graffiti as vandalism and urban artwork: a graffiti enforcement officer, business owners, and a professor who has studied the relationship between art and deviance. Also, stories revealed by the artworks themselves.

World foods in the Queen City: Regina’s ethnic grocery stores
Ethnic grocery stores as cultural touchstones, community landmarks, and sites of social exchange. Reginian ethnic grocery stores and the people who run them.

Breaking free: Regina program gives gang members a way out
In-depth profile of Regina Anti-Gang Services (RAGS), one of Canada’s most comprehensive gang-exit strategies, in a city notorious for its high crime rate.