Strategic Edge Partners
Develop blog posts for plastic and cosmetic surgeons, as well as press releases and webpages.

Past Clients

Diagonal Reports
Interviewed experts in various segments of the Canadian and American beauty and wellness industry.

Lost to the Sea Memorial Project
Researched Yarmouth county residents who were lost to the sea. Employed a variety of primary and secondary sources, including newspapers, family genealogies, church records, grave markers, and community histories. Maintained an extensive database and conducted additional research to confirm names, dates, and details.

Wrote 800-word articles on contemporary issues in nursing, complete with interviews.

World Trade Press
Researched and wrote reports on specific aspects of various countries, including education systems, international schools, universities, media, climate, top industries, and music scenes. One of the projects involved developing 800-word snapshots on individual countries, with information on the land, people, economy, history, and government of each country.