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The existential exuberance of Toopy and Binoo

I have a strong tendency to overanalyze my daughter’s cartoons. That being said, however, on occasion a television show’s subtext becomes so expansive that I cannot seem to think of anything else; and if it is perverse of me to contemplate the … Continue reading

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What happens when sane people infiltrate a mental hospital?

In the early 1970s, eight sane people infiltrated 12 different mental hospitals with false symptoms. One was a psychology graduate student in his twenties, while the others were older and from varying professions (including a painter and a housewife). Three were women, … Continue reading

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Medieval knights were the first LARPers

Chivalry may be dead, but nerdiness is forever. This morning I learned that at medieval tournaments it was not uncommon for knights to play live-action roleplaying games as their favourite chivalric heroes.

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