Coastal Life Magazine: 2008 – 2012

I wanted to post this on the official website, but Joomla won’t let me. I’ll get it up there as soon as I can fend off the website gremlins.

Edit: The announcement is now on the Coastal Life home page.

Since 2008, Coastal Life magazine has been bringing the stories of Western Nova Scotia to a readership of thousands. We’ve featured tales of inspiration, heartache, community spirit, and history. Sadly, however, all things must come to an end. Tough economic times have taken their toll, and while our passion to tell our communities’ stories still remains, the truth is that a magazine cannot be run on goodwill alone. As a result, our publisher has made the decision to close the magazine.

To our readers: Coastal Life touched the lives of thousands of Nova Scotians, from the Annapolis Valley to Bridgewater, from Yarmouth to Halifax, and in faraway places. It was not an easy decision for us to decide to end the magazine. We hope that you have enjoyed our publication and strongly encourage you to continue seeking out stories from your region. There are still many more stories to find.

To our subscribers: No doubt many of you are wondering about the status of your subscriptions. Please rest assured that you can receive a full or partial refund based on how many issues you already received. You can contact us by phone, e-mail, or post. Contact information is available on our website.

To our advertisers: Please accept our sincerest thanks for supporting us over all these years. Coastal Life would not have been possible without your ongoing patronage. With your help, we brought to light many wonderful stories from our region, while also highlighting many small, independent businesses. You are the backbone of our communities, and we will miss working with you.

To our writers: Needless to say, Coastal Life would have been impossible without you. Through your hard work and dedication, we touched the hearts of readers all across this great province. We regret that we can no longer be an outlet for your stellar talents. We especially regret that the writers who contributed to the final issue, which never came to fruition, will not see their work appear in print. Chris, Katie, Monica, and Vincenzo: your stories are amazing, and we have no doubt that they will find homes elsewhere.

We’d also like to extend recognition to Allison Churchill, Murray Stenton, Karen Hipson, and everyone else who contributed to the magazine in various ways over the years.

While we were unable to continue the magazine, we are open to the possibility that someone else may. Anyone interested in purchasing the intellectual rights to Coastal Life, including its graphics and branding, is encouraged to contact our offices for more information.


About Alex Colgan

I am a political theory student, freelance writer, and father living in Yarmouth, N.S.
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