Weekly roundup: music scenes and plastic surgery

This is a new feature I’m going to try: posting links to my recent work, or at least offering some tidbits. Here’s hoping that this will motivate me to update more often! (Past experience says: not bloody likely.)

My country profile writing has moved into the realm of national music scenes, and last week I wrote articles on Montenegro and Turks and Caicos. The former has come a long way since the country became independent in 2006, with an annual hip-hop/rock/rap festival and a resurgence in South Slavic folk traditions. Turks and Caicos has a really cool genre called ripsaw music (video above) that uses a carpenter’s saw as a percussion instrument, and the territory has seen further fusions of local and regional styles, such as Combina and Junkanoo.

At Strategic Edge, I’ve been developing blog posts and writing web copy for plastic surgeons. Generally, I try to cover some contemporary issues in the industry along with general tips and consumer info.

Cosmetic Tourists Risk Strain, Infection, Malpractice

It’s not just weak regulatory regimes and lack of patient aftercare that cosmetic tourists have to contend with. Foreign diseases and the strain of travel are also leading to fatalities and complications that could be avoided closer to home.

Unqualified Plastic Surgeons Cause “Catastrophes on a Monthly Basis”

Should there be tighter regulations on cosmetic procedures? Many European countries are considering it.

6 Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

Considering how many times a day I accidentally hurt myself as a result of my own clumsiness or ineptitude, I think I should start on the wound recovery diet. My wife agrees!


About Alex Colgan

I am a political theory student, freelance writer, and father living in Yarmouth, N.S.
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